Amendments to the Standard Civil Contract

The Legal Services Commission has introduced new rates of pay for all matters opened on or after 3rd October 2011.

Full details of the changes to the contract can be found by clicking on this link: … ract_variation_notice.pdf

Below is a summary of the changes to Mental Health pay rates.

Mental Health

Table 5(a) – Basic fees

Mental Health – non Tribunal £253
Level 1 (Mental Health Proceedings) £129
Level 2 (Mental Health Proceedings) £321
Level 3 (Mental Health Proceedings) £294

Table 5(b) additional fees

Adjourned Hearing Fee £117
Remote Travel Payment: Level 1
(Mental Health Proceedings) £69
Remote Travel Payment: Non-Tribunal,
Level 2 (Mental Health Proceedings) ,
Level 3 (Mental Health Proceedings) £138