Mental Health Law and Practice by Professor Phil Fennell


Mental Health: Law and Practice is a comprehensive, authoritative and practical guide to the operation of mental health legislation in the UK.

This new edition builds on the success of Mental Health: The New Law (Jordans New Law Series) which was published in response to the Mental Health Act 2007.

This edition has been extensively revised to include all the latest developments including:

– changes to Tribunal system following the implementation of the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act

– the Mental Health Act Code of Practice 2008

– introduction of the Deprivation of Liberty provisions and accompanying Code of Practice

The text of the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended) is reproduced in full, together with selected provisions from other relevant statutes.

March 2011 2nd edition Papercover £55.00 ISBN 978 1 84661 2404

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