Update on the Law Society’s MHT Panel

Below is an update on the Law Society’s MHT Panel together with a link to the scheme’s homepage. This now includes a list of all panel members. The committee will be meeting with Robert Robinson to discuss all aspects of the panel.

Please click on this link for more details about the scheme:

http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/products … healthreviewtribunal.page

1. There are roughly 346 panel members on the Mental Health
Accreditation Scheme. All Applications are considered once we have
received both required references. Roughly 117 members were terminated after not reaccrediting despite numerous reminders since transferring from the SRA on July 1 2009. These members were terminated in the beginning of July.

2. Robert Robinson has been appointed as chief assessor

3. MH Panel Assessors:

Mr Paul Veitch
Mr Chinyere Inyama
Ms Lindsay Messenger
Mr Hamish Hodgen
Mr Ted Prestbury
Miss Ros Dunning

4. Assessment material and criteria are scheduled to be updated by
September 30th in order to give plenty of time for the web team to
build the online application form. The new Chief Assessor will be
looking at the scheme content and format.